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Disney Plus First Look (Live in the Netherlands)

[ENGLISH POST] Yep you are reading the titel correctly. It is not even November 12th and Disney Plus is Live in the Netherlands. The Disney streaming service many of us have been waiting not too patiently to go Live is now Live in The Netherlands and I want to give you the first look at Disney Plus.

Disney Plus

Yesterday around noon the announcement went around Disney+ is Live in The Netherlands for a two month free trail. I send a message to my Disney friend in America Carlye Wisel and she asked my to show me some videos on Instagram on what Disney+ looks like. As I little nerd and Disney enthusiast that I am I off course did! And because after my million INSTAstories I still received loads of questions. I decided to write an article on my blog about it. My blog is mostly in Dutch so you can imagine how unique this is for me, but I love doing it for you guys and girls. I will tell you all about DisneyPlus and hope to add some video images soon!

(If you cant wait till I have uploaded a video go check out my Instagram.com/buzzinthekitchen and in the highlights you will find my stories saved.)

DisneyPlus Logo _ BITK


So for those who have been living under a rock and don’t know what Disney+ is? It is the streaming service of Disney that they will launch on November 12th 2019 in multiple countries. On it you can watch movies, series and shorts from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic.

It is commercial free and have a variety of original movies, documentaries, live action series, animations and shorts plus the entire Disney collections.

Trial in The Netherlands

So on September 12th Disney+ was launched on a trail base in The Netherlands (as far as I know, only the Netherlands). When you register you can now have two month free trial until November 12th. From that date it will cost € 6,99 per month in The Netherlands. If the streaming service is not for you, you can stop your account any time even before paying the € 6,99 from November 12th.

From November 12th Disney+ will be available in The Netherlands, The United States and Canada. From November 19th it will also be available in Australia and New Zealand. With the prospect of being available in more countries in the coming two years.

Register for DisneyPlus _ BITK


There are multiple ways to register for Disney+:

  1. Web browser
  2. Mobile Device
  3. Apple TV
  4. PlayStation 4
  5. Xbox One

Until November 12th you can just click on ‘Free Trial’ if you live in the Netherlands and you are ready to discover everything Disney.

It starts with a Profile

When you start you get an automatic profile. However when you click on adjust profile you can add more profiles or change the ones you have.

As far as I can tell you can make an unlimited amount of profiles, but of course there is a max amount of devices you can use and how many streams you can do at once.

You can have 10 different devices and there is a max of 4 streams at once.

In your profile you can select what image you want for your profile and there is an amazing amount to choose from.

Also in the profile you can choose if you want to autoplay the next video when you are watching a series. Another thing is you can turn on or off is when using the app you want your video to keep playing in the background when you are using something else on for example your phone. This feature to me is amazing.

Disney Plus Edit Profile _ BITK

DisneyPlus Choose Icon _ BITK

Kids Profile

So when making a new profile you can also choose to make a kids profile. This way when your kids are on Disney+ they only see series and movies appropriate for their age.

DisneyPLus Kids profile _ BITK

Show me Disney Plus

 When entering Disney+ you will probably be dazzled by the amount of movies and series you see. It seems like a never ending list with hours of binge watching ahead. 

On the top a couple of movies are featured and below you will find the different brands: Disney, Pixar, Marvel, National Geographic and Star Wars. If you hover above one of them you will see a very nice animation of that brand. Then when you click on it you will go to the page of that brand and see all the movies and series from for example Marvel that are on Disney+. 

DisneyPlus Marvel _ BITK

DisneyPlus Star Wars _ BITK

Back to the home page Disney+ also has some movies highlighted for you. From hit movies, to the classics, disney channel movies to movies they recommend to you. You will also see the movies and series you started watching and can continue just by one click. 

Home Page Disney+ _ BITK

Still not found what you are looking for?

In the header you will find different buttons. A search engine, your list, a movie list and a series list. Plus a button that isn’t live yet. 


When you go to the search page you will see different collections Disney has previously selected. One collection that I do like to mention is the Muppet Collection. Yes the Muppet movies and series are on Disney+ too. I didn’t see all the movies yet, so I am hoping they will add more. 

Search Dinsey Plus _ BITK

Another collection I really like is Disney through the years. This shows all the Disney movies through the decades starting from 1930’s Snow White till 2010’s Rogue One. 

Dinsey Collection _ BITK

Besides the collection you can search on Disney+ with entering titles, characters and genres. I was especially excited about the characters because I haven’t seen this before. I searched ‘Woody’ from Toy Story and indeed all the Toy Stories movies and shorts showed up. But also some others. So if this is working perfectly yet. Not sure. But hey it is still in the trail face. 

Watch List 

You can make your own watch list of favorites. When clicking on a movie or series you will se a  [+] button next to the [play] button (of course I don’t know if the naming is correct in English). If you click on the [+] you will add it to your watch list.  This way if you see a movie you would like to watch later, you can find it in your list at a later time.

Movies & Series 

The Movies and Series have two separate pages but are pretty similar. On each page you will find all the movies or series that are on Disney+. They have highlighted some, but you can select to see all the movies or series from 0 till Z. Other selections you can make are: action movies, animations, comedy, documentary, drama, kids and shorts. 

Select a Movie or Series 

When you click on a movie or series you will go to their page. On the page you can select [play], you can add it to your wishlist [+] and get a short summary of that movie or show. 

Below you get a wide arrangement of movies or series you might also like and then there are there is also the EXTRA’s option with the movies. 

And when you click on the Extra’s you will probably not only see the trailer, but also a lot of bonus material. This is something I am really excited about because normally you would only find this on the DVD’s. So there is even more hours of binge watching to add to your Disney+ marathon. 

Black Panter on Disney Plus _ BITK

How about the Originals?

Before November 12th there will be no releases of any original Disney Plus series, movies or documentaries. I did see the button in the header for a quick moment, but they decided to remove this. As they are still working on the website I guess.

DinseyPlus Home (with originals button) | BitK

DisneyPlus Originals Page | BITK

Coming November 12th the following are set to be released:

  • The Mandalorian;
  • Lady en de Vagebond (live action movie);
  • High School Musical: The Musical: The Serie;
  • The World According to Jeff Goldblum;
  • Encore! 
  • Noelle.

What do they have to offer?

So for now we only have access to more than 7500 tv episodes and more than 500 movies. No originals just yet. But hey, I think that will be more than enough to keep me behind closed doors and watch all Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic have to offer. Just in time for the release date when the new originals will be online! 

I did receive a lot of questions on specific animations, series and movies if they are on Disney+. Especially older series and movies and they are not all on there. This maybe because they are still working on the streaming service or because they won’t be released in The Netherlands. I don’t know. We will just have to wait and see! 

Disney Plus Steamboat Willy _ BITK

But believe me when I say they have so much on Disney +. From Steamboat Willy  to all the Pixar shorts and from Black Panter to all the Star Wars movies. And again I think they will add or remove stuff too. So who knows what November 12th will be offered. 


So for me the most important question is: Can I download the movies and series, so I can watch it offline when I travel for example? Yes you can! There is an unlimited amount of downloading possible. (Will upload picture soon).

November 12th 2019

Come November 12th Disney+ will release original series, movies and documentaries and they are planning to release much more originals in the first year. Besides the originals the streaming service offers more than 7500 tv episodes and more than 500 movies including the most recent movies from theaters.


Thats a wrap…

If you have any more questions on Dinsey+, Movies or Series that are on there. Please send me an email at buzzinthekitchen@gmail.com or through Instagram.com/buzzinthekitchen and I will answer them if I can.


This is by the way in NO WAY SPONSORED! I just love sharing this info with you. 


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